Service Provider

Expand your network coverage for your customers - worldwide! Riedel Networks helps you provide your customers with state-of-the-art network technology worldwide. We rely on our homogeneous CISCO-based backbone and work with over 250 local partners to connect to your customers' locations. A network interconnection in one of our points of presence forms the interface between your and our network so you can offer a complete network to your customers.

Of course, we also provide a complete network for system integrators, which can be upgraded by you with corresponding additional services.

For all of our service provider customers, it's clear - you're in control of your end-customer relationship - we'll help you design and implement the best possible solution for your client's networking theme.

Use SNMP to integrate the network we provide into your network management solution and benefit from direct access to our Network Operations Center - our specialists are just a phone call or email away from you.

The constant monitoring of all network elements ensures that we proactively work on the suppression when a fault is detected and inform you about our steps.