Whether data, voice or multimedia applications - our MPLS Cloud connects your company's locations, nationally and internationally, to a corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) based on a smart and private IP network. Your employees, departments, branches, and even your affiliates can share information or access your corporate systems from any location.

Each service is completed on site with a router (CPE) and is the point of demarcation to your local area network. Extend the connections with a back-up line to increase the availability of the site, taking advantage of the many connection technologies we support.

Own lines provided by you, such as Internet access, can also be integrated into a managed WAN MPLS network. The service is proactively managed 24x7 entirely by Riedel Networks, we handle the delivery and operation of the entire solution, including the connection lines to your sites and the router (CPE) on site.

Private IP Network

Benefit from a permanent private IP network for all your corporate communications

Quality of Service

Experience the highest quality through six service classes - jerky videos, interrupted data transmissions or poor voice quality are history

Access Technology

Connect your locations worldwide using xDSL, Leased Line or Ethernet – copper, fiber, radio, cellular or satellite - based on the access technology available on-site.

Proactive Monitoring

Experience high reliability. Network issues are proactively detected and quickly resolved

Detailed Reporting

Create your own meaningful reports about availability and performance of your network in our monitoring portal.

Remote Access

Engage mobile users with our Remote Access technology based on AnyConnect and soft-token authentication.