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WUPPERTAL / BUTZBACH January 27, 2020

Riedel Networks Accelerates Data Traffic to Asia

Riedel Networks has optimized the round trip time (RTT) to Asia with its new network routes via the Russian and Kazakh mainland. From now on, an IP packet from Frankfurt to Tokyo and back takes only 181 milliseconds instead of 242 milliseconds. The transit time of data between Frankfurt and Hong Kong is also reduced by a significant 27 milliseconds from 197 milliseconds to 170 milliseconds. The new mainland routes will also further increase reliability of the network.

By expanding the network connections, Riedel Networks is responding to the growing demand of global enterprises for fast and reliable data transmission between its headquarters and Asian locations. Data-intensive industries such as finance and manufacturing will especially benefit. 

In addition, Riedel Networks will also significantly optimize the RTT on its network route between Singapore and Sydney by the end of the first quarter 2020. The change of the route to the INDIGO cable system, which has been put into operation in 2019 and is co-financed by Google, will reduce the runtime from 288 to 265 milliseconds. This will give companies capacity for VoIP services where an RTT of 300 milliseconds should not be exceeded for end-to-end connections. 

"With our new network routes and optimized round trip time, Asia and the rest of the world are moving closer together. I'm pleased about the uncomplicated implementation and the cooperative partnership with our suppliers", explains Christian Müller, Director Carrier Relations at Riedel Networks. "Especially Capacity Asia, the most important industry conference in the Asia-Pacific region in Macau, has shown how dynamically the Asian market is developing. We are very well positioned in Asia-Pacific and can competently support our customers in their networking with this region.” 

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