Corona Update

Dear customers
hereby we share with you information on how RIEDEL Networks is positioning itself in relation to the Corona Virus and which measures have been taken to ensure operational security.

  • All of our employees have been advised of the possible preventive hygiene measures. This includes washing hands after entering the company and office space and using the hand disinfectant dispenser at the entrances. Shaking hands and hugs are generally avoided.
  • Wherever possible, customer and supplier visits are postponed to later indefinite times or held by telephone and / or video conference, and otherwise avoided. Visits to trade fairs and events were generally canceled.
  • Employees who cannot drive to work in a car, but who rely on public transport, work from the home office.
  • In principle, in consultation with their superiors, all employees are free to work from the home office.

    Employees who come back from work abroad and whose countries of operation were either located in risk areas according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) or who worked there where third parties tested positive for the Corona Virus, remain in quarantine for 14 days and work from their home office.

    Employees who come back from vacation in one of the risk areas defined by the RKI go into quarantine for 14 days and work from the home office.
  • In general, we adhere to the recommendations and instructions of the RKI, the state government of Hesse or the federal government and will continue to do so.
  • The measures that we have outlined in our security and emergency concept as part of the approval by the Federal Network Agency also apply.

The operation of our network and our services is guaranteed at all times. All employees of RIEDEL Networks are appropriately equipped to work from home.
We apologize that the implementation of new services and potentially service repairs, which requires the use of technicians on site, due to various circumstances such as the absence of local contacts or fundamental prohibitions, can be delayed depending on the country. These are not within our sphere of influence, we will inform you as soon as possible should you be affected.

Stay healthy!!!

Michael Martens
CEO of RIEDEL Networks