Riedel Networks provides its customers with a network performance monitoring tool with an intuitive web interface. Smartphones for iOS® and Android® can also monitor the network while on the move. Performance Reporting provides graphically prepared statistical data on the traffic development of all customer connections. Values such as availability, round trip delay or utilization are updated in nearly real time. In addition, you can be notified automatically via e-mail or SMS in the event of an error or when thresholds are reached, and you can create your own service reports ad hoc for freely configurable periods.


PRTG - Monitoring App
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Free of Charge

Each managed service provided by Riedel is mapped in proactive monitoring. Our customers receive access to the monitoring and reporting tool as part of the service.


Set thresholds and define limits to send individual notifications or alarms to predefined users via email or SMS.


Create custom reports for your corporate network and have them run automatically. The results can also be sent automatically.

AdHoc - View

Follow the quasi live performance of their network online and get ad hoc information


In addition to the standard setup, we can add additional additional parameters to individualized monitoring. Depending on the effort that is a fee additional service.

SNMP Access

We offer our customers to integrate the data from the monitoring via SMNP V3 String directly into their own customer monitoring system.