Managed SD-WAN

Cost efficient and secure company networks with highest availability, integrated Cloud services and central management taylor made for medium size companies.

Traditional company networks based on static WAN concepts are not suited to fulfill the requirements for flexible bandwidths and performance parameters of modern business processes and cloud services. 

The SD-WAN concept achieves the required performance due to a radical separation of the transport and the control layer. This approach is based on a central management platform, automatised processes across the entire network, a simplified operation model and central provisioning. Distributed network functions such as security, routing and monitoring are planned and managed centrally, but implemented on the local edge routers (Network Function Virtualization). 

Riedel Networks SD-WAN solution delivers company networks which are the state of the art with respect of technology and performance, supporting your business processes in the best way, are adaptive to changes quickly and on top reduce the costs per Mbit/s due to the optimised use of all available access options.

fast – secure – specialised

SD-WAN Control Plane

  • Central Orchestration & Management
  • Central Implementation
  • Policies & Monitoring

WAN Optimization

Cloud Connect

Network Functions Virtualized



  • Connectivity

    • MPLS (private IP)
    • Internet (public IP)
    • Wireless

    All locally available transport access options will be used for the best performance at the best price.

  • Cloud Connect

    • IaaS (AWS, MCS Azure, Google Cloud)
    • SaaS (Dropbox, Salesforce, Office 365)
    • PaaS (VMware, MCS Azure)

    Dedicated cloud connectivity with a maximum of security and performance.

  • Security

    • Zone-based Firewall
    • URL Filtering
    • IDS/IPS
    • Encryption
    • DDoS Protection
    • Cloud Security

    The most modern security tools protect your company network at all edges.

  • Analytics

    • Performance
    • Utilization
    • Monitoring
    • Per App online everywhere

    Full Control and online monitoring of all relevant quality parameters across the global network.

  • WAN Optimization

    • Availability
    • App-based Routing
    • WAN Acceleration

    Optimised performance and availability for all business relevant applications through intelligent routing and WAN acceleration.

  • Network Functions Virtualized

    • 3rd Party Applications
    • Virtual Servers
    • Firewalls

    3rd party applications, fileservers and VMs centrally managed, implemented locally on the edge routers.

The Riedel Networks SD-WAN network architecture delivers all these features on a highly available management and data network. As on all other data services Riedel customers are able to monitor their SD-WAN network on their smartphone or tablet pc online.

Cisco Architecture

Orchestration & Management layer

  • Central portal for all operational actions
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Multi-tenant platform
  • Monitoring, alarming and trouble shooting




Riedel PRTG Monitoring

Control layer

  • Authentification and licence-management for all edge routers
  • Distribution of vManage orders towards the edge routers



SD-WAN Fabric

  • Using all locally available network technologies
  • Online monitoring of the network quality and application performance
Internet via DSL
Internet via LTE

Data layer

  • Virtual or physical SD-WAN routers
  • Encryption end-to-end
  • Performance statistics
  • Virtualised services (SD-Branch) on Cisco ENCS routers

vEdge & cEdge Routers

Transport Options


We use all locally available access options to deliver the transport layer to the MPLS network and Internet with the support of our more than 300 network partners around the world:

The Riedel Networks ability to manage and to deliver all access variants ensures highest availability and the best performance via the different paths for each individual application.

Absolutely key are the integration of

  • Private data centres
  • Infrastructure aaS platforms
  • Services aaS (Cloud Services)

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration
  • Secure integration of private and public Cloud infrastructure and Cloud services
  • Complete protection (FW, IPS, URL-Filtering, Malware and DDoS Protection) based on Cisco, Arbor and Myra platforms
  • Perfect interoperability with Cloud onRamp as part of the SD-WAN network
  • Redundant routes to the Cloud endpoint via the different networks 
  • The SD-WAN router selects the best route for each individual application via the SD-Wan fabric 

Highly sophisticated integration of Cloud Services


The Riedel Networks SD-WAN network based on the Cisco Viptela Technology provides best performance for Cloud services such as Office 365, Salesforce or Box:




  • Performance analysis on all gateways and all routes
  • Rating of the quality of experience for each application and path
  • Based on the rating, the router selects the best transport network and
    regional endpoint for each SaaS application individually
  • Automatic failover to other routes in case of quality degradation
  • Fully automised – no manual interaction required
  • Highest availability, quality and security 

Operations – easy and transparent

vManage und vAnalytics

As known from all other Riedel Networks data services, we offer a monitoring application for smartphone and tablet pc to enable our customers to see their corporate network online at any time. Furthermore, the SD-WAN management systems, vManage and vAnalytics, provide further insights in performance and status per application and location as well as a traffic forecast to plan future bandwidth requirements.


  • Central management and monitoring
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • "Templates" to ensure error-free activation of new sites and services



  • Detailed statistics and analysis
  • View per location, router, port and application 
  • Transparent network performance 

Riedel Networks Monitoring

The free Cisco SD-WAN eBook will give network engineers, managers, or architects involved in the design and architecture of wide area networks an overview of many of the features and capabilities of Cisco SD-WAN, along with common use cases which may be encountered while deploying and managing a wide area network. 

Providing the Full Value Chain

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