Riedel Networks provides a layer 2 Ethernet service via the global Riedel Networks MPLS Network. Our products are fully compliant to the standards of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF):

-       E-Line point to point connections

Ethernet E-Line

-       E-Tree point to multipoints connections (hub & spoke)


The advantages for your enterprise network are: 

  • less overhead and low round trip delay
  • easy and fast implementation
  • high protection of your investments due to less complex hardware

We exclusively use Cisco equipment as network termination points at the customer premises. The customer could get access to the performance data of the router (SNMP access) or use the Riedel Performance-Monitoring Tool to monitor the performance and usage online.

Riedel Networks Ethernet at a glance:


The availability of the circuit across the Riedel Networks MPLS backbone is 99,999%. All connections in the backbone are fully „protected“, which means they are led via two redundant paths. The availability of a location depends on the technology of the access circuit into the customer building, e.g. DSL, radio link or glass fiber. The service is managed and monitored by the Riedel Networks NOC 24 x 7.

Please contact us for further information! We will elaborate on the best solution for your enterprise networks.

Supported Features

  • Point to point (E-Line)
  • Point to multipoint (E-Tree)
  • VLAN and TOS Bit transparent
  • Bandwidths available 2Mbit/s - 1.000Mbit/s


Defined round trip delays also in case of backup case active lead to the optimized and plannable network throughput. The following table shows the Round Trip Times (RTT) of IP packets between a fictive customer location in the region and the central monitoring system of Riedel Networks in Frankfurt/Germany:

  • Germany                < 22ms
  • Europe                    < 50ms
  • North America      < 161ms
  • South America      < 199ms
  • Middle East           < 210ms
  • Asia                          < 230ms
  • Oceania                  < 280ms
  • Africa                      < 300ms

Proactive Monitoring

Take advantage of the high reliability, active trouble-shooting, and fast time to repair.

Detailed Reporting

Generate your own reports about the availability and performance of your connections with our Monitoring app. Online and always up to date!