Direct Internet Access

Riedel Networks provides access to the Internet (Direct Internet Access – DIA) via our world-wide MPLS backbone, our more than 300 local partners, and the local peering points. This means for you globally distributed access to the Internet from one Service Provider, Riedel Networks.

Direct Internet Access (DIA), like all Riedel Networks managed services, is completed with a router (CPE), except Internet Access only, and proactively monitored. Alternatively, you can integrate Internet access into Riedel Networks' MPLS corporate network to provide your sites with centralized Internet access.


Internet Access only

A dedicated Internet access via a local provider. The most cost-efficient variant without active monitoring by Riedel.

Internet Access plus

Internet Access plus

A dedicated Internet access with a terminal device (CPE) that is proactively monitored and managed by Riedel. 


Internet Access transparent

Integrate an internet access into your Managed WAN enterprise network with defined bandwidths per site. For this we recommend a firewall solution per site. 

DIA only

Internet Access protected

A central Internet access in the MPLS can be used transparently from all locations with a central firewall provided by Riedel Networks.



Riedel Networks Direct Internet Access at a glance:

Fixed public IP addresses

Each Internet Access has already 8 fixed public IP-v4 addresses included (/ 29 network) 



Proactive Monitoring

Experience high reliability. Network issues are proactively detected and quickly resolved. 



Detailed Reporting

Create your own meaningful reports about availability and performance of your service in our monitoring portal.