With Riedel Network's Cloud Access, you can connect the enterprise network (Managed WAN or Managed SD-WAN) to a variety of cloud services. The MPLS network will be extended by one connection. Our customers already benefit from access in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich and Sao Paulo at the service of large cloud providers (IAAS) or solution providers (SAAS).

We ensure the communication to the platform and monitor it like all locations of a corporate network - you select the appropriate service and regulate the details directly with the desired provider, we make a highly available and secure connection.

Cloud Access

Riedel Networks Cloud Access at a glance:


Take advantage of the ever-increasing number of cloud services - worldwide.


Take advantage of our backbone to which the cloud services are connected and roll out cloud services quickly and efficiently.


Bandwidths for access to public cloud providers can scale from 10mbit/s to 1,000mbit/s. 


With SD-WAN cloud services are driven on the best possible network path - Cloud Cloud onramp is part of the SD-WAN solution of Riedel Network.

Direct Cloud Access

Connects distributed cloud infrastructure and digital ecosystems directly, securely and dynamically via a global and software-defined connection.

Direct Cloud Service Providers available

Cloud onRamp for SD-WAN

The Cloud onRamp service periodically calculates Quality of Experience (QoE) values for your cloud-based SaaS applications and applications running on external IaaS, and assigns them the best paths through the WAN to ensure long-lasting, optimal performance.

Cloud Service Provider onRamp