RIEDEL Networks Campus RIEDEL Networks is at home in the landgrave castle Butzbach.

The landgrave castle Butzbach was originally a city fortress of the lords of Falkenstein. Today's excavations in the castle area have revealed, however, that probably already around 1200 a small ring-shaped moated castle was located at the site. The Falkensteiner extended the estate around 1390, then it was the seat of the family of Eppstein-Königstein, the archbishop of Mainz, finally the Hessian Landgrave castle. In 1603 the Landgrave Philip of Hesse-Butzbach (1609-1643) rebuilt the caste as a stately residence again, based on the partly burned castle and including a late medieval core building. The castle had an observatory. Thus in 1621 and 1627 the astronomer Johannes Kepler visited twice here. In 1898, the castle was converted into an infantry barracks and was named Schloss-Kaserne. The castle is an originally two-winged construction, with the west wing built with an extensive barracks extension in the years 1935/36. From 1951 to 1992, the barracks was used by the United States Army. After the withdrawal of the troops, the castle is used civil. RIEDEL Networks uses 2 floors in the west wing and another floor in the south wing of the landgrave castle.