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For Enterprises

For you as an entrepreneur, a fast and stable data network is crucial. You must be able to rely on a smooth operation at all times. Riedel Networks provides a global high-performance and high-quality communication service platform designed to meet the needs of multi-national corporations. As a mid-sized company, we know the business needs of our customers and are flexible enough to be able to offer tailor-made solutions. We always act on eye level with you.


For Carriers & Providers

Riedel Networks partners can expand their portfolio and network reach with a worldwide available network to include managed value added solutions without significant investment. We help carriers and service providers to simplify and provide faster implementation, while reducing capital and operational costs. This enables you to cater your products to multi-national corporates worldwide and to establish a base for value-added solutions globally.


For Broadcast & Events

With live events failure is no option. Video and audio signals are very sensitive to quality and reliability is just as important as performance. With a very long-lasting experience in both, providing on one hand temporary connectivity to event locations worldwide e.g. to all Formula One race tracks and on the other hand with long-term connectivity to the foreign offices of our customers correspondent networks, we are the right partner for you.



Secure networks through private connections. MPLS VPN reduce hardware overheads, improving data security and removing risk and workload from your own IT teams. Convergence of voice and data onto a single managed network reduces overheads while improving service levels. We are passionate to match your business needs. More...



IPsec adds encryption and authentication mechanisms to the Internet protocol. This enables the Internet protocol to securely transfer IP packets via the public Internet. Although this solution is economical to implement, it can be easily integrated in a MPLS network as Hybrid VPN for connecting smaller branch offices or remote users. More...



Ethernet has expanded its scope massively over the past years since it started as a local area network (LAN) technology.

It today allows enterprises to run one single network infrastructure for communications including their wide are network (WAN) connections. More...



RiLink is the new way to connect broadcast live signals from remote event locations to the studio or to connect foreign studios with their home facility. RiLink transports more than just the HD/SD-SDI video signals that would be furnished by satellite links in a conventional production. Additional features significantly reduce complexity and costs of remote event productions. More...